CanadaCandyman -The Adventure

    This is the heart of North American Altruism Alliance.
    Being a Candyman is an honor and privilege, not to be
    taken lightly.
    It takes a special breed of person to undertake such an
    To Start this journey, there are certain Conditions one
    must accept :
  • There is no profit, only rewards
  • Respect is the Most important Quality.
  • Awareness of the environment.
    Travel in our Footsteps

    The path to Candyman Enlightenment need not be as
    frought with adversity. Learn from the Experience of the
    Original Candyman. Steps that need to be taken, and
    those that need to be avoided.
    The Nitty Gritty

    The mere thought of someone in a "Gentlemen's Club",
    giving candy away to the Dancers seems like an strange
    idea, but it is a special and unique experience not meant
    for the common man.
    Are you the One?
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