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Friends of
TV's Craig Ferguson continues to
give away free candy !!
Simulation of the joy when TV's Craig Ferguson would throw a
Canadian OhHenry  bar to a Lucky Audience member !!
TV's Craig Ferguson continues the trend initiated by the
Original Candyman, now known as CanadaCandyman, back
in 2002. In the intro of each show, he expounds upon the
exploits of giving away FREE candy to his audience. (to be
fair, Craig does not throw full size Canadian Candy Bars to
audience members while interviewing Ashley Judd...yet !!)
We want your opinion !!
What is your all-time favorite (favourite for our Canadian    
friends) Candy ?
Do you have a candy bar that you miss ?
Chewy candy?
Sour Candy?
Gum ?

June 14, 2008  Performing at Massey Hall in Toronto, Television's Craig
Ferguson was given a certificate of Honorary Title by the North American
Altruism Alliance, the first such honor given by this institution.
For more images from this event click on the above picture.
Television's Craig Ferguson Is Given
Certificate of Honorary Title In Toronto
HERSHEY Sends candy Fresh From the Factory !
Through their Website, you can order fresh candy,
delivered to you from the factory, within 96 hours of
production. details on their website.(Click Image)
Lbs of Factory
Fresh Twizzlers !!